©DUAE (Silvia Campidelli & Luna Coppola)
©DUAE (Silvia Campidelli & Luna Coppola)


The thirst for knowledge, the search for new worlds to discover, of what is unknown and full of dangers, pushed the man to go beyond also "the Pillars of Hercules," the insurmountable limit of the land known, considered by the ancients the end of inhabited world. << … venimmo a quella foce stretta dov' Ercule segnò li suoi riguardi…>> About the Pillars of Hercules in ancient, with rowboats and sailing, no one passed by the strait, but the explorers and sailors were always thrown back in the Mediterranean currents, waves and wind. Hercules was the first to pass it, appointed the columns with his name, when he crossed the straits to go to kidnap the golden apples kept in an Atlantic island closely guarded by Atlanta, but he was a God of mythology classic. The Iberians and the Libyans claimed that the columns were two rocks that closed the passage of the ships, or those today Gedeira / Cadiz, and then Dicearco, Eratosthenes and most Greeks localized columns in the Strait of Gibraltar. Every people has given its version on the boundaries than what was conceived in antiquity as the inhabited earth and the end of this: with regard to shipments, nobody can supporting the groundlessness or probability. Indeed the man has always needed to establish boundaries. It is also likely that the time consumes the signals placed at boundary and the names and designations: and finally the geographic representations. The Pillars of Hercules become more than a defined place and a geographical boundary, a western border between known and unknown that represents the fictional map of the Mediterranean and at the same time a psychological and ethics map, where everything is much less defined and stable. This research is a first chapter of the extreme limit, of the hunger for knowledge that is behind the creation of the first maps, and we're going to explore guided by myths, legends, to discover the area. We believe the border places as something that can be constantly rewritten and reinvented for porosity that characterizes them: the concept of boundary has always been one of the tools that the man uses to master the reality, show of force and power. The research of the Pillars of Hercules is a real journey that goes to the imaginary search for this historical border, shaped by mythic narratives, legends and historical. We will draw a new map of the area, through an exploration of these territories that have represented the boundary between known and unknown. We will use photographic means as a place that makes it even more complex the issues, because being a medium that depends on the external reality and yet it creates its own, it allows us to go in search of mysterious coincidences and chance. The walk will be the synaesthetic relationship that will allow us to perceive these territories to 360 degrees including the dimensions of time and space. These places will be open spaces, undefined, and will unveil new landscapes on the Mediterranean: this sea which is unifying principle and the separator, the symbol of the becoming for its float unstoppable, like the movement of time that has become history. 




Luna Coppola (Náples, 1980), Silvia Campidelli (Cesena, 1985), live and work in Barcelona, where alternate editorial assignments, artistic investigations and teaching. Luna Coppola studied Humanities and History of cinema in the DAMS University of Bologna, Italy (1999/2004); Doctoral Program in Communication and New Media Communications Department, Bologna (2005); Silvia Campidelli studied Visual Art and Painting at the Accademia of Fine Arts in Bologna (2010); Doctoral School with a research thesis titled "History of Contemporary Art on the new visual languages and multimedia Synthesis electronics. The art of VJ and Live- Media in Italy" and in 2014 she won a scholarship to study at the University FORMA NABA in Milan for the Master in Photography and Visual Design. Their formation and different experiences have allowed them to expand their field of research in the development of their projects. Since 2014 they work together and co-founded Duae Editions, an editorial project, and collaborative research platform in the field of contemporary photography. Duae is committed to producing artistic projects, self-publishing and distributing its work with a limited number of edition books. All their projects and researches open a reflection on the relationship between man and the environment. In all their works using different media (photography, drawings, cartography, digital media file and video) that allow them to expand the field of research and work with greater complexity. The experience of space (real or virtual) and the existence of the body (human or artificial), united in a profound dialogue are the guide and the main aim of all investigations. They move through the tridimensional and experiential consideration of the environment, to one represented, symbolic, iconic, and finally virtual. Since 2015 they collaborate with the University of Fine Arts in Naples and with other Italian collective and photography schools. In 2016 they have won two scholarships for two artistic residencies in Finland and the first chapter of the project Leave (a poem of traces) has been exposed in the first edition of PhEST Monopoli. The projects that they are developing are the result of the foreign scholarships and artistic residencies.



Leave ( A poem of Traces ) – PhEST / Monopoli 2016 / Opening: September 2016

Padiglione Italia – Sala Efti Madrid / Opening: coming soon

How to get there – Spazio Forma Milano / Opening: September 2015

Selfbook – CFD Barcelona / Opening: May 2015

Unknown Project – Spazio Labo Bologna / Opening: November 2015

Exporting Cures – Docfield 2014 / Opening: June 2014



PRATT INSTITUTE Residency – New York / June 2014

IICAT Residency Programme – Mangalia  / May 2016

ÖRÖ Residency Programme - - October 2016 – Finland

Serlachius Residency - - July 2017 – Finland



Workshop Dall'Idea al Libro - Witness Journal - Bologna - November 2015

Workshop Selfscape Barcellona - Witness Journal - Barcelona – October 2015

Workshop Storytelling and Selfpublishing - ExFadda - Brindisi - July 30 / August 05 2016

Workshop Selfscape - LO.FT Locali Fotografici - Lecce - 24/28 July 201

Workshop Selfscape at Fine Art Accademy in Naples, Italy - December 2015

L'Ospite - International Art Therapy Conference  Fine Art Accademy in Naples, Italy - December 2015