The third issue is about EXPLORATION: exploration as a necessity, as cause and effect. Exploration as an essential resource to understand changes. Exploring new places, opportunities, horizons, feelings, new structures. Exploration of new forms of dialogue, new ways of communication, new energy and new points of view on the contemporary.


İpek Çınar

Fabio Itri

Federica Landi

Ana Lía Orézzoli

Zoe Zipela 


Guest Writers:

Francesca Seravalle / Curator


Cover photo / ©Zoe Zipela
Cover photo / ©Zoe Zipela

The second issue is about CONNECTIONS: the existence thought as a complex network of unavoidable relations. Relations as tangible or metaphysical connections. Human connections, connections with places, connections with nature. Connections with memories. Connections as an emotional geography.



Ido Abramsohn

Emanuele Camerini

Giacomo Fierro

Flaviana Frascogna / selected by Slideluck Naples

Francesco Levy

Rumore Pair (Domenico D’Alessandro & Maria Palmieri)

Alessandro Ruzzier

Anna Saint Ange

Rocco Venezia 


Guest Writers:

Marina Freri / Sydney-based journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Arianna Rinaldo / Artistic Director of Cortona On The Move International Photography Festival

Cover photo / ©Rumore Pair (Domenico D’Alessandro & Maria Palmieri)
Cover photo / ©Rumore Pair (Domenico D’Alessandro & Maria Palmieri)

The first issue is all about URBANISM: an investigation into man-made environment, whose structures, whether physical or conceptual, are the result of the human presence and activity.


Guest Writers:

Elisa Medde / Foam Managing Editor

Filippo Romano / Photographer and member of LuzPhoto Agency

Cover photo / ©Vivien Ayroles
Cover photo / ©Vivien Ayroles